November 3, 2011

Iced Honey - The Video

We could not be more excited to announce that Darren Aronofsky, best known for the Oscar-nominated films Black Swan and The Wrestler, will direct a performance music video for “Iced Honey.” Lou and the band will be shooting this week in the Bay Area. You can look for the finished video here later this month.

Both huge fans of Darren’s work, Lou commented “I have loved Darren Aronofsky since he did Pi. I hope I can be his next Black Swan.” Lars added “As if making a record with Lou Reed is not enough... now I get to make a video with Darren Aronofsky, who has been among my very favorite filmmakers since his first movie, Pi. This is turning into a monumental chapter in the on-going saga entitled ‘Lars the dream!!!’”

We’ll be sure to post the video here for your viewing pleasure as soon as it is ready!

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